“Without Words” – The nonverbal WOW effect!

What you mostly had in communication so far was only the tip of the iceberg!
Non-verbal communication is the most important part of our communication and is still not recognized or consciously used by most.
This unit opens eyes and ears for the power of body language.
Duration: 60 minutes


  • 3 tools to create your own charismatic effect
  • The “how” is more important than the “what”: why you believe some people and ridicule others
  • Small things – big impact: From hand stroke to eye blinking, the body language learn more deeply
  • Thoughts reflect in the body – and vice versa. How you can read others and emotionally influence your body language
  • Practice various nonverbal behavioral struggles to increase your communication skills
  • Bringing inspiring ideas for their daily lives and taking a new look at their fellow human beings

Further details

The unit is suitable for 20 to 2000 persons. WOW effect, interaction and active learning guaranteed.
We are looking forward to your contact for prices and dates.
Early requests can be preferred.