Building bridges to connect other people

“Sustainable bridges to connect other people help us to achieve things that which would never be achievable without the bridges.”
Through the ability to build bridges with (nonverbal) communication, people open up the path of success. Especially in the corporate sector (consulting, sales, leadership), the ability to quickly build relationships is literally worthwhile. Nowadays people buy and convince themselves rather due of sympathy and not due to dry facts: “People do not care how much we know but by how much we care”

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Conflict prevention and mastering

Bridges can quickly collapse in communication.
Non-verbal conflict competence helps you to prevent difficult situations or master them more confidently.
With this pragmatic tool and some practice during the lesson, you will understand the conflict psychology better and also know what to do when things get tough.

Time: 60 – 75 minutes


  • Remember how quickly man interprets body language and thus often lies.
  • Use the power of the rapport and succeed with empathy
  • Objection and critical conversations with rapport
  • In a pleasant way, promote agreement, compromise and sales
  • 3-point communication to mitigate critical communications and prevent conflicts
  • How they can keep out of the shot
  • Practice the most effective method to avoid or master conflicts non-verbally

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The unit is suitable for 20 to 2000 persons. Interaction, entertainment and active learning.
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