Etienne Dubach is a versatile and passionate coach, personality developer and author.
With over 1000 training days and 12 years of communication studies, he brings a wealth of experience and broad repertoire into allof his seminars.

Qualifications & Accomplishments


Core competencies

  • Non-verbal communication / body language in leadership, sales and successful communication
  • Excellent leadership & group dynamics
  • NLP & Success Communication
  • Human Knowledge & Insights Discovery
  • Presentation training
  • Psychology of success, resilience


“Increase your communication skills with non-verbal intelligence!”
“Successful Action Without Words”
Using these guiding principles, he developed into a body language expert.

“Develop – Empower- Live!”
Etienne Dubach empowers, trains and coaches today.

Drive & Mission Statement

“To give as many people as possible effective tools so that they can take their lives back into their own hands in order to shape it according to their desires” – This is what drives me!

Our passion is to deliver effective knowledge about non-verbal communication – in the most entertaining and instructive way. To show how powerful the influence of body language is in our daily communication. With easy-to-learn psychological and communicative methods, coaching, training or mentoring, your nonverbal intelligence will  be greatly increased for the business or private sector.

Etienne Dubach is an

Impulse generator, motivator, facilitator, great person, potential maximizer, personality-developer & life-strategist

Energetic, solution-oriented, versatile, practical, sympathetic, intensive, holistic, dynamic, competent, transparent and situational leadership

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