“Even the very best apple is not bought if it is not presented in the right light.”
No product and no idea sells if it is not presented appropriately.
Leaders, meeting leaders, salespeople and customer advisors know this and can deepen and expand their presentation competence in this lecture.
Masterful presentation also always has supporting body language as an important ingredient. This review will illuminate what you can do to make even more accurate and convincing yourself, your idea or a product other tasty.

• How they can better convince and more authentic a product
• Powerful selling with 3-point communication
• To emphasize important messages imperceptibly
• Concept “rapport” in group situations to build bridges quickly
• Learn to present ideas, suggestions for solutions, project group results, products or the company itself so effectively that you can convince other people more easily, faster and deeper
This unit gives the right impulses to present with non-verbal elegance even better. Exercises and transfer materials make it easy to integrate into everyday work.
Duration: 60 minutes

Further details
The unit is suitable for 20 to 2000 persons. WOW effect, interaction and active learning guaranteed.
We are looking forward to your contact for prices and dates.
Early requests can be preferred.

Presentation training
This unit can also be designed as a 1-day or 2-day seminar
Better convince your colleagues, sell your customers more effectively or motivate the team to best performance?
How you present and communicate something to others makes the difference and is crucial to your success!
If you do not like to present or face people, then this training is a MUST. It is striking how positive people develop when you dare with the right training and with exercise in front of the audience. Suddenly, career doors open. People trust themselves much more in life. What was impossible for a long time seems suddenly to be more attainable.
Through the presentation training and coaching, you will be able to develop clearly and visibly.
In this presentation training, you receive a personal rhetoric training, which has it in itself.
Through video recording, body pax practice or speaking live training in front of audience: you fast development of your abilities is our ultimate goal!
• Basic structure and laws of great speeches and presentations
• Learn and apply the rules of clear, effective and positive communication in presentations
• listener-oriented communication (what the listener understands counts, not what the speaker says)
• Use the “rapport” concept in group situations to build bridges quickly
• Optimization and use of presentation media (Powerpoint and others)
• The 4- Mat system. The tried-and-tested system, which gives presentations.
• Groups dynamics and how they are affected
• Dealing with emotions such as anxiety and stage fright
• Body language and non-verbal communication in presentations
• How auditory and visual tricks help to leave a positive and impression / understanding
• The Power of Physiology: How you can activate self-confidence in seconds