Effect conjure up with nonverbal communication – is not magic!

Non-verbal communication is the magic trick that conjures charisma, persuasion, or sympathy.
This presentation conjures up many amazing body language tricks, which can be used directly to work with more charisma and intensity.
What is said is often not important  – but how it is being said. The “How” carries the actual IMPACT.
Just like magic, the most important thing is not obvious in communication.
The spell happens on the nonverbal side subtly.

This presentation amazes us with pragmatic exercises and gives the audience exciting insights into the learning effect.
Duration: 60 minutes


  • Why not consider the nonverbal?
  • Increase congruence with synchronous communication
  • Increase tension with gestures and breaks
  • People are captivated with voice looks
  • 3 tools to create your own charismatic effect with “cat & dog behavior”
  • How you feel competent and professional within seconds
    Practice various nonverbal behavioral struggles to increase your communication skills
  • Bringing inspiring ideas for their daily lives and taking a new look at their fellow human beings

Further details

The unit is suitable for 20 to 2000 persons. WOW effect, interaction and active learning guaranteed.
We are looking forward to your contact for prices and dates.
Early requests can be preferred.